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Help for children in the Iranien province Balochistan

Posted 26/11/2022

Located in the Iranian Highlands, Balochistan is one of the most remote, very arid Iranian provinces in eastern Iran.

The geographic region spans eastern Iran, southern Afghanistan and southwestern Pakistan.

The people who try to survive in the barren landscape, some without water or electricity, are desperately poor.

Because of the war and poverty there are many homeless refugees, especially women and children, from Afghanistan but also from Pakistan. The Iranian central government pays no attention to this region and gives no support to the people.

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Help for the children with multiple disabilities in Carani / Romania

Posted 20/2/2022

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Painting excerpt "Motherlove" by the artist/founder Nasrin MIrPainting excerpt "Motherlove" by the artist/founder Nasrin MIr

Thanks to your generous support, we were able to transfer a larger donation to the Casa "Sf. Maria" in Carani / Romania at the beginning of this year, as in previous years.

With this we support the voluntary work of the local people who give care, support and love to the children with multiple disabilities.

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Information about our ongoing tutoring project in Kerpen Horrem

Posted 15/2/2022

Under the competent guidance of Mrs. A. Schiffer, the children participating in the project continue to make great progress.

In addition to a small joint snack, which is always planned, bought and prepared together with the children and which is at the beginning of each lesson, in December 2021 there was deepening and repetition of nouns, adjectives and verbs, as well as a Christmas lesson at the request of the children Advent candles, biscuits and cocoa as well as appropriate music and reading a Christmas story are the focus of the work.

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Flood disaster in NRW and Rheinland Pfalz, our help will continue in 2022 !

Posted 19/7/2021

With the delivery and handover of the urgently needed school material to the headmaster Mr. S. Meier on October 27th, 2021, thanks to the many donations we received from you, we were also able to help successfully with this project.


The teachers, the school management and the children say thank you very much!

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Our tutoring project in Kerpen-Horrem

Posted 4/12/2020

"Tutoring" is our latest project.

Children from socially disadvantaged families particularly suffer

especially under the Corona pandemic

failure of classroom teaching.

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Our project for disabilities children

Posted 2/12/2020

We support the care of children with multiple disabilities

in Carani, Romania.

Often times, these children get here for the first time in their lives

Caring, support and love.

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our school project

Posted 2/12/2020

With this project we get children off the streets and enable them to attend school.

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Our study project

Posted 9/11/2019

Since the winter semster 2019 the foundations enables 40 female students, via monthly financial help, to start or continue their studies in one of the Teheran universities.

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