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Information about our ongoing tutoring project in Kerpen Horrem

Posted 15/2/2022

Under the competent guidance of Mrs. A. Schiffer, the children participating in the project continue to make great progress.

In addition to a small joint snack, which is always planned, bought and prepared together with the children and which is at the beginning of each lesson, in December 2021 there was deepening and repetition of nouns, adjectives and verbs, as well as a Christmas lesson at the request of the children Advent candles, biscuits and cocoa as well as appropriate music and reading a Christmas story are the focus of the work.

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Deepening and repetition of nouns, adjectives and verbs.

Using smaller texts, you can find the above-mentioned words and assignment in a corresponding table. The students work independently and the control takes place in a joint verbal exchange.

The topic has not yet been consolidated and errors are still appearing repeatedly. Partially there are concentration-related careless mistakes.

We may have gone too far back on the subject, making the subject area too uninteresting.

Lunchtime snack: potato pancakes with applesauce

Discussion of the production and writing down the recipe.

Then the title picture of the learning folder is colored in, whereby the colors are assigned to the respective parts of speech:

(Blue= nouns, green= adjectives and yellow= verbs)


We start a reading diary. For this we use a book from the school, which belongs to the topic "I'll give you a story".

The aim today is to design your own cover photo for the book, to independently find out the author, illustrator, number of images in the text, publisher, year of publication, number of pages and number of chapters. Unfamiliar words are discussed so that the questions asked can be answered. The students write down the questions and answer them in writing in the project folder.

In the next units we will read the book chapter by chapter and answer questions about it in writing.

At the end we receive an individual elaboration (table of contents).

Since the students arrived late today, the lunchtime snack was cancelled.


The students wished for a Christmas lesson today with Advent candles, biscuits and cocoa as well as appropriate music and reading one or two Christmas stories.

That's why we postponed the reading diary until next year and used the time to deal with the topic of Christmas.

The students brought their own stories, which they read aloud. Questions that arose were discussed and different Christmas traditions were learned about.

The song "In the Christmas Bakery" was popular and the text was written down by repeating the song several times.