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Help for children in the Iranien province Balochistan

Posted 26/11/2022

Located in the Iranian Highlands, Balochistan is one of the most remote, very arid Iranian provinces in eastern Iran.

The geographic region spans eastern Iran, southern Afghanistan and southwestern Pakistan.

The people who try to survive in the barren landscape, some without water or electricity, are desperately poor.

Because of the war and poverty there are many homeless refugees, especially women and children, from Afghanistan but also from Pakistan. The Iranian central government pays no attention to this region and gives no support to the people.

Providing aid in this region is very difficult, if only because of the restrictions and the Iran embargo.

Therefore we are very happy that we have our helpers in Iran, led by our board member Dr. Mirmohammadi, are able to help directly on site without detours.

From procurement to distribution, our local team supports homeless families and children by delivering equipment, food and clothing.

But also the delivery of books and teaching materials, e.g. to the small school in the village of Kach, is one of the tasks to make school and education accessible to the children.

If you want to help us with this project by making a donation, you can find all the information here   --> Please click