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our school project

Posted 2/12/2020

With this project we get children off the streets and enable them to attend school.

Many Afghan families have fled the violence and clashes in their homeland to neighboring Iran in the past three years. None of them receive any financial support there.

Even the small children of the families are therefore sent out on the streets in dire need. They try to raise some money by selling socks, water bottles, and other cheap items to ensure the survival of the family.

Most families cannot afford to attend a school that also costs money for their children. There is therefore a great risk that a generation of young people, some of which are highly intelligent, will grow up with no prospects for the future.

In currently around 40 individual cases, the foundation helps with unbureaucratic monthly financial support. In this way we enable the children to attend school.

Already 240, - € are enough for a child to go to school for a whole year!

Please help us with a one-time donation or become a project sponsor and give us a direct debit order.

You can download the relevant direct debit authorization here. --> click