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Delivery of 70 school tables, benches and learning material for pupils in Mamulan. Mamulan is a little village in the province Lorestan / Iran.

Posted 9/11/2019

The province Lorestan is situated in the North-West of the Iran, close to the Irak border.

In April 2019 there were severe floodings. Many people drowned, other lost all their possessions.

Houses and schools were destroyed by the floods. After the water masses retreated the little village Mamulan was a swamp dessert.

You can view pictures and vidios about our aid campain at the end of this article,

or you can view the videos directly by clicking on the links below.

>> Video 'Material Purchasing for Mumulan'

>> Video 'Pupils says thanks for the received tornisters and learning material'

>> Video 'Pupils confirm the receipt of tornisters and learning material with their signature'

While many people helped the villagers to repair the worst damage, organized water supplies and food donations, etc., the children were sometimes traumatized and disturbed, but no one had time to deal with their problems.

This is exactly where the assistance of the Nasrin Mirmohammadi Education Foundation comes in.

Since the school desks and tables had become victims of the floods, Dr. Mirmohammadi and his helpers procured 70 tables and benches in Tehran. The necessary teaching material for the current class material for the current school year was obtained, exercise books and pens were bought and packed in satchels.

The delivery and distribution took place under supervision and documentation by the representative of the foundation, Dr. Mirmohammadi, on site.

Thanks to this quick and unbureaucratic help, normal school operations could be resumed. The children found their way back to their "normal", regulated everyday life.

The teachers and students thanked the founder Nasrin Mirmohammadi in pictures and video messages, which makes us proud and happy.

Below are some pictures that you can enlarge by clicking on them.

You can find the video messages at the end of this entry. They can be accessed via YouTube.

Lieferung, Dokumentation und Verteilung des Schulmaterials an die Kinder in Lorestan